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         The age-best great man, crown-gem of the devotee, SULTANUL-AWLIA(leader of the all spiritual leaders), the reformer of the age, HAZRAT MAWLANA SHAH SUFEE SYED ABUL FAZAL SULTAN AHMAD (RAH) CHANDRAPURI NAKSHBANDEE MOZADDEDEE; he is the bearer of SIRAJAM MUNIRA, spiritual instructor, the great reformer of this age. He is the person who discovered that the lifetime of human being of the present age is short, human soul is squalid by sin and is very much weak. These weak and faulty soul deserving people can not get the vicinity of God by worshiping within his/her short life. To rescue the human society from this circumstances, he invented (the methodology of) purifying soul, making the soul alive and SALAT-E-HUZURI (dedication in prayer).

He taught his followers about the procedure of achieving these three things. Following these instructions millions of people were able to get the satisfaction, affection and vicinity of great almighty. This stream still now exists in the world

In one side, as like he was a spiritual teacher; in another side, he was the reformer of religion and society, solitary intimate fellow of the quiet, destitute, poor- distressed people. He converted the corrupted society to the society of peace removing all the social corruption and scuffle through forming the youth committee with local young brave people. Removing the religious fallacy he revealed the actual religion of humanity Islam which was proclaimed by the prophet and RASUL Hazrat Muhammad (SM).

Coming to him nobody leaves empty-handed; he frequently helped financially. If money was not available at him, he helped yet borrowing from close relative. As the result of the abolition of landlord custom, he also became the poverty sharer of his ancestors. To entertain the affectionate-devotee he made the arrangement by mortgaging even his very small paternal land.Yet he did not allow anybody to return home through empty-mouth. In this way, his title became “DAYAL” (kind).

He is the spiritual teacher or father; during the hazard time of MOOREED (spiritual pupils) he stood beside them in such a way like a father stands beside his child. If a devotee remembers him residing in thousand miles away, he also presents there by spiritual power, which is not possible for any earthly parent. Therefore his title became “BABA” (father). Today the ASHEK (affectionate) address him “DAYAL BABA” (benevolent father). His place of spiritual practice was an undeveloped village; today there are civic facilities like a town, which is the sign of his diligent effort. He gave the name of that village CHANDRAPARA (Moon-locality) keeping the symmetry with the risen moon. Today the mankind knows him by the name SHAH CHANDRAPURI. Next>>

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