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THE CHANDRAPARA PAK DARBAR SHARIF is the holy DARBAR (court) of the crown-gem of the devotee, SULTANUL-AWLIA, the reformer of the age, HAZRAT MAWLANA SHAH SUFEE SAYAD ABUL FAZAL SULTAN AHMAD (RAH) CHANDRAPURI NAKSHBANDEE MOZADDEDEE. The followers learn practical and spiritual methodology of meditation and prayer from here.More

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If you are interested in supporting CPDS or SCF (Hazrat Shah Chandrapuri Zaker Kallan Foundation) activities and would like to contribute, you are most welcome to make any suggestion through sending comment to the adminstrator.

Hazrat Shah Chandrapuri Zaker Kallan Foundation

In the name of Almighty and Merciful Allah, the merciful, we would like to introduce the Hazrat Shah Chandrapuri Jaker Kollan Foundation (SCF) is a fully non political, non-government and charitable organization. Its registered office at 88, Ka, North Bishil, Mirpur-1, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh.More